Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kalau satu hari nanti, takdir bawak Apiet pergi dari aku, apa jadi dekat aku? Macam mana hati aku? Can i still smile like nothing happen? Will i meet other guys? For me, Apiet being perfect as a man for me. Just me, never be perfect for him. For what had happened lately, my heart hurt so much. As much as i hurt Apiet with all suck thing i had done to him. 

Untuk masa depan, aku tak tahu pun apa akan jadi. Sumpah aku takut dengan masa depan aku dan Apiet. Masa depan hubungan kami. Aku tak tahu apa aku buat. I hurt him so much. Kalau aku hilang dia, kalau dia bukan dengan aku. 

Ya Allah, jika Engkau mengetahui bahawa hubungan aku dengan Apiet lebih baik bagi diriku dalam agama, kehidupan dan akhir urusanku, baik dalam waktu yang dekat mahupun yang akan datang, maka tetapkanlah ia bagiku dan mudahkanlah ia untukku.


I don't know which part have to blame for all this suck thing was happening to us. 


Monday, April 16, 2012

hurmmmmmmmmmmm :'(

I don't said you're gay. Sorry T____T


Just ignore the gayboy.  I don't like it ~____~  Pleaseeee.

Orang tahu dia ramah, friendly but pleasee, not with gayboy. It just suck, i hate it.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

he gave me flowers!

 [Gambar] i heart him

Tuhan, thanks for sending to me a nice guy who love me sincere from his heart. Who never walk away when im  the one who hurt him so hard. Tuhan, please take care of him when im far away from his side.

#thanks for your effort to attend my graduation day lollipop :) love you! much! please take care your heart for me.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

i wonder

Agak2 dia selami tak setiap lagu yang aku bagi kat dia since aku selalu bagi lagu dekat dia thru fb, in blog. Hurrrrmmmmmmmm. The facts is, every song i gave to him is the word i want to say to him. Sometime i felt is tooooo jiwang to said  by my self so i dedicate a song to cover up ~_~

Errrrrrr, nak tidoq la. Esok mesti kena gelak ni! Bye.

Ouh ha!

korean version happy birthday song is sooooooo cute auwww 

he getting old and my love toward him getting stronger

Happy birthday gengster! Kuikuikuikui (dalam bahasa cina maksud hantuhantuhantu) :p

Hey pakwe! You are getting old, when you want marry me ha? Teheeeee.. Okey  gurau pagi2! So, this is your second birthday as my boyfriend. You feel good? Awsome rite being my boyfie. Kahkahkah. Feel like in heaven aite having a super cute  girlfie like me. Kehkehkehkeh. Sooooooooo. Im feel lucky too having you as my boyfriend. At least you never left me, the hot temper girl! 

Ouh ha, cliche word when wishing someone birthday. I hope you always happy, get lot of money, get a good carier, bla bla bla bla. Urgh. Boring! Are you doesn't feel like me baby? Bore with all this wishes when birthday is coming. Lulzzzzzzz.  Lagipun dah wish tadi thru sms lebih kurang je ayat. Kan? Kan?

Sooooooooooooooooooo. I just want to blow a kiss for you and hug you tight in my dream tonite as wishes for you birthday. I miss you lot baby! I just hope you are here and we are sharing a cuppies since my birthday is tommorow! And we spend a whole day lying and watch a romantic movie in a room. Blerghhh. This will come true when you be my husband only!

Baby, take care yourself there. Don't give your heart to others ugly girl out there! Im waiting you everyday with lots of love. I love you.

#close my eye and i see you. i hope when i open my eye, you was smiling to me! miss you :'(